What is the conjugation of Devoir in French?

How do you conjugate devoir in the present tense in French?

Elle doit faire ses devoirs. She must do her homework. Nous devons nous dépêcher, nous sommes déjà en retard.

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je dois I must
il/elle/on doit He/She/We/one/people must
nous devons We must
vous devez You must (more than 1 person or formal)
ils/elles doivent They must

Is devoir followed by A or DE?

Notice that se devoir is always followed by de.

What are the endings for devoir?

Irregular French Verbs

Endings Devoir Vouloir
-x je veux tu veux
-t il doit il veut
-ons nous devons nous voulons
-ez vous devez vous voulez

How do you conjugate Devoir in the passe compose?

Devoir in Passé composé = had to [do] / must have [done] Il est parti tôt, donc j’ai dû faire la lessive moi-même. He left early, so I had to do the laundry myself. Nous étions en retard, donc nous avons dû appeler un taxi.

How do you use Devoir in a sentence in French?

Devoir = must, to have to (obligation)

Tu dois finir ce projet. You must finish this project. Je dois partir à 14h. I have to leave at 2pm.

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Is Devoir plural or singular?

The plural form of devoir is devoirs.

Does Devoir mean homework?

It means homework, and as such isn’t a terribly popular word. … The plural noun which has come to mean (school) homework naturally has a singular form: “le devoir” means duty, in the abstract sense, and “un devoir” is a duty or even a chore that one has to carry out.

What does UN Cours mean in English?

run, class, classes.

What is the future tense of Devoir in French?

Elle devra tout expliquer. She will have to explain everything. Nous devrons déménager. We will have to move out.

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je devrai
il / elle / on devra
nous devrons
vous devrez
ils/elles devront