What is the French perspective on work/life balance?

How is work/life balance in France?

Law protection work-life balance

Studies by the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggest that France is below the OECD average when it comes to hours worked. Consequently French employees have above average leisure time on an average day.

What is the French way of working?

The Typical French Work Day

Lunch is between noon and 2pm, with another coffee break around 3.30pm. The end of the day depends on whether you are a worker who counts his/her hours or not. Contrary to the myth of the French 35-hour work week, most employees do not get to leave work early.

What is the work culture of France?

Hard work is admired, but generally the French frown upon workaholism. The typical working week in France is 35 hours. Most French do not like to discuss business during dinner. Dinner is considered to be more of a social occasion and a time to enjoy the food, drinks and discussions.

Do the French work 4 days a week?

France famously has a legally mandated 35-hour work week, enshrined in law since 2000. … As in other countries, the four-day work week is not new to France and has arisen in political conversations about work, unemployment, increased automation and quality of life.

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Do the French live to work or work to live?

In France people work to live and not live to work,” was how one Australian reader put it. Those working gruelling jobs in Britain and American look to France as a country where — it is believed — it is taken as a given that you will work fewer hours and have more leisure and holiday time.

Why do the French take August off?

Some Parisians confide that working in August brings them a bonus: It’s something like an extra vacation. Since so many businesses shut down, officials at work find it nearly impossible to reach any one outside their own offices. With little to do, they sometimes take a good part of the day off.

How do French motivate their employees?

Creative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

  1. Weekly “Good News” Emails. Too often the business day can be about addressing problems or issues, large and small. …
  2. Encourage Mental Breaks. …
  3. Be Visible. …
  4. Break the Routine. …
  5. Invite Staff to Client Visits.

What do I need to know about working in France?

What to Know About Finding Work in France

  • It’s hard to get employed in France.
  • France has really high young unemployment.
  • A short-term contract is now more common.
  • It’s better if you speak French.
  • But not every job needs French.
  • Do things the French way.
  • The French world of work is changing.

Is France a good place to work?

Economy & Employment Rate. The country is a member of the G7 and G8 powers, cementing France’s place as one of the world’s strongest and most successful economies. France’s unemployment rate stands at 9%, meaning that skilled engineers and technicians wanting to work in France have an excellent chance of employment.

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What is French management?

French management is founded on the qualities its society most reveres: the competitiveness and intellectual brilliance that is bred in the grandes écoles. French management is therefore in tune with society’s leading institutions—notably, government and education.

Which country has the best work-life balance?

Denmark is the number one country for work life balance. According to the OECD, an important aspect of work-life balance is the amount of time a person spends at work. Evidence suggests that long work hours may damage personal health, risk safety and increase stress.