What is the largest forest in France?

What is a famous forest in France?

Landes de Gascogne is now the largest forest in France and the largest “artificial” forest in Western Europe.

What region of France is most forested?

Nouvelle-Aquitaine was the region where the largest forest cover in France was found, with nearly 3 million hectares of forest.

Forest area in metropolitan France and overseas regions in 2019 (in hectares)

Characteristic Surface in hectare
Guyane 8,010,000
Nouvelle-Aquitaine 2,880,000

Where is the largest forest in Europe?

Sweden. Sweden has largest forest cover in Europe with about 28 million hectares representing 68.95% of the country’s total surface area. The forests of Sweden include Kolmården, Kolmården, Tiveden, Tylöskog, and Norrland.

Are there forest in Paris?

In need of nature? The Paris Region forests are the green lungs of our destination! From Fontainebleau to Rambouillet, from Dourdan to Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Montmorency, enjoy a breath of fresh air with our Top 5 nature excursions around Paris.

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