What is the past tense of poser in French?

How do you conjugate poser in French?

Conjugate the verb poser:

  1. je pose. tu poses.
  2. il posait. nous avons posé
  3. vous poserez.
  4. ils poseraient.

Is Poser a verb in French?

French students will be happy to know that poser is a regular -er verb. … The catch is that French gives you a new form for every subject within each tense. We’ll begin with the indicative mood, which you will use most often for the basic present, future, and imperfect past tenses.

What is the French past tense called?

1. The preterite, or past historic – le préterite ou passé simple

Verb Preterite or simple past tense
être je fus, tu fus, il fut, nous fûmes, vous fûtes, ils furent,
avoir j’eus, tu eus, il eut, nous eûmes, vous eûtes, ils eurent,
pouvoir je pus, tu pus, il put, nous pûmes, vous pûtes, ils purent,

Are you poser meaning?

The definition of a poser is a person who pretends to be someone they are not, or a person who attempts to impress others. An example of a poser is someone going to a wedding they weren’t invited to in order to get free food and booze.

What does the French verb poser mean?

French for ask is the regular ER verb poser, in the most practical verb table yet devised. … So, if you want to know how to say ask (meaning to ask a question ) in French, how to express the verb in all the main tenses, here it is.

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What is the future tense of poder?

Poder in the Future Tense

Subject Pronoun Future Tense of Poder Meaning
yo podré I will be able to
podrás you will be able to
él/ella/usted podrá he/she will be able to, you (formal) will be able to
nosotros/as podremos we will be able to

What is the past tense of Poder in Spanish?

Poder Conjugation: Preterite Tense

yo pude
él/ella pudo
ns. pudimos
vs. pudisteis

How do you conjugate regarder?

Conjugate the verb regarder:

  1. je regarde. tu regardes.
  2. il regardait. nous avons regardé
  3. vous regarderez.
  4. ils regarderaient.

What are the two past tenses in French?

Five past forms, which are imparfait (imperfect), passé composé (compound past), passé simple (simple past), plus-que-parfait (pluperfect) and passé antérieur (anterior past). Two future forms, which are futur (future) and futur antérieur (future anterior).