What is the traditional French meal for Easter in France?

What are the traditions in France for Easter?

French people wish each other “Joyeuses Pâques”. Easter traditions in France include chocolate, bells, eggs, rabbits, chicken and lamb! French people traditionally eat lamb at Easter, the most traditional dish is a leg of lamb cooked in the oven with provençal herbs, cumin, garlic and olive oil.

What brings Easter eggs in France?

The truth is: in France, eggs come from les cloches (= bells.) As the story goes, it’s the bells from the churches in Rome, who fly all the way to your garden in France to drop chocolat eggs. They want to share the joy of the Resurrection of Jesus, which Christians celebrate on Easter.

What does La Couve Symbolise?

In Provence there is a sweet Easter pie called la couve. The pastry decoration on the top symbolises chicks – des poussins – and eggs – des œufs. The whole pie represents a hen’s nest – un nid de poule.

Is there an Easter Bunny in France?

1. The Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. Probably the strangest thing for an expat in France to get their head around is the lack of Easter Bunny. We Anglos know that it’s an enormous adorable fluffy bunny that brings us chocolate eggs at Easter – but in France it’s bells.

Why is Pâques plural?

The word for Easter is Pâques, masculine singular (even though its written with an S). When you talk about events around Easter, so use Easter more like a time than the religious celebration, it’s feminine plural… Go figure!

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