What is the weather like in March in France?

Is it a good time to go to Paris in March?

Paris in March is generally a time of pleasant cool weather. You will need warm clothes if you venture out. March is the beginning of the best time to be in Paris if you want to avoid the crowd and extreme weather at the same time. Take a cruise down the Seine for a unique Paris experience.

Is the South of France warm in March?

On average around 60% of the day is taken up with sunshine. The average temperature in South of France during March is 14-15oC and there are on average around 9 days when it rains.

Is Nice France warm in March?

March is particularly warm in Nice compared to the rest of Europe, but beachgoers should give casual swimming in the sea a miss as water temperatures are still only around 13°C and the spring coastal winds can make the sea rough and unruly.

Is it rainy in Paris in March?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during March in Paris is essentially constant, remaining about 1.2 inches throughout, and rarely exceeding 2.6 inches or falling below 0.2 inches. The lowest average 31-day accumulation is 1.2 inches on March 4.

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How Cold Is France in March?

France Weather in March

Average High Temp. Average Low Temp.
Paris 52 F ( 11 C) 41 F (5 C)
Bordeaux 59 F (15 C) 39 F (4 C)
Lyon 57 F (14 C) 39 F (4 C)
Nice 59 F (15 C) 48 F (9 C)

What is the cheapest month to go to France?

Winter is cheapest, specifically November and December before people head out on their holiday travel. Traveling in February and March is cheaper than the summer, but with business travel and conferences in Paris, hotels do fill up.

What do people do in March in France?

Tourist crowds are still light in March and visitors can also enjoy festivals celebrating the arts, cinema and literature. The arrival of March means that those lovely first signs of spring are just around the corner in Paris. … March is full of festivals – books, music, cinema and arts.

What is the best time of year to visit the French Riviera?

June and September are some of the best months to visit the region, while July and August are the height of season. Tourists cram the beaches in the summer months, making it harder to snag beach beds and dinner reservations. Winter is far from beach weather, but temperatures rarely hit freezing.

What are the coldest months in Nice France?

France, annual weather averages

July is the hottest month in Nice with an average temperature of 24°C (75°F) and the coldest is January at 9°C (48°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in July. The wettest month is October with an average of 140mm of rain.

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Does it rain a lot in Nice France?

Climate – Nice (France) The climate of Nice is Mediterranean, with mild, relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes sultry, but tempered by the breeze. … Occasionally, rain can be intense and concentrated in a few hours, especially in September and October.