What makes French wine different?

What makes French wine unique?

As cool-climate wines, French wines are lighter-bodied, lower in alcohol, and higher in acidity than warm-climate wines, such as many of California’s wines. These characteristics enable many French wines to accompany food more graciously than do the fuller-bodied, high-alcohol American wines.

Why is French wine considered the best?

However, France is still considered the best winemaker in the world thanks to its status as a mecca of vins de terroir, affected by more than two thousand years of history. Terroir is the land, the climate, the soil, every natural feature of the land in a particular location.

Are French wines better for you?

To conclude, the simple answer that there are lots of different elements in wine which can cause headaches. … The good news, though, is that some French wines may give you fewer headaches thanks to lower levels of alcohol, tyramines and sulfites depending on how the wine is made and which grape varieties are used.

Is California or French wine better?

Californian Wines Are More Alcoholic, and Less Acidic.

Owing in part to the warmer climate of California, most of its wines contain significantly more alcohol than prestigious French wines from Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Champagne and Alsace, all featuring cooler or more temperate climes.

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Are all French wines a blend?

While almost all French wines are blends of more than one grape varietal, that is not always the case. In Burgundy, only Pinot Noir is used to produce red Burgundy wines. Chardonnay is the only allowable grape used in the production of white Burgundy wine in Burgundy. … Almost all white Bordeaux wines are blends.

How do French wines taste?

Though it’s hard to make broad generalizations, you might find that French wines tend to focus less on fruit flavors than wines from newer growing regions in the New World. French wines might be described as earthy or mineral—which means they taste a little like dirt, chalk, or mushrooms.

How can you tell a good French wine?


  1. If it is green – this means that it is one of the aforementioned wines AOC or AOP labelled wine, and is an indication of good quality wine.
  2. If it is blue it means that it is a vin de pays or a vin de table – usually associated with being a cheaper and more everyday wine.