What problems did Richelieu see in France when he took over suggest three areas of concern?

What did Richelieu want to make France but what did he see as an obstacle and what did he then do?

Richelieu took two steps to increase the power of the Bourbon monarchy. First, he moved against Huguenots. … Richelieu also wanted to make France the strongest state in Europe. The great- est obstacle to this, he believed, was the Hapsburg rulers, whose lands surrounded France.

What did Cardinal Richelieu see as the biggest threat to a strong monarchy in France?

-Richelieu had a policy of total subordination of all groups and institutions to the French monarchy. The nobility was long considered the biggest threat to the centralizing goals of the crown and a strong national state, so Richelieu sought to restrain their power.

What were the most important contributions that Richelieu made to the centralization of French power?

Cardinal Richelieu

By restraining the power of the nobility, he transformed France into a strong, centralized state. His chief foreign policy objective was to check the power of the Austro-Spanish Habsburg dynasty and ensure French dominance in the Thirty Years’ War that engulfed Europe.

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Was Richelieu good or bad?

In the end, was Cardinal Richelieu an evil trickster? Certainly he was a man with huge ambitions both personal and national. His reforms of the power structure within France paved the way for French power to reach its zenith but his methods alienated him from all of French society.

What were Cardinal Richelieu accomplishments?

Richelieu’s time as chief minister is notable for many reasons. He attacked the Huguenots; reformed the navy and army; crushed any rebellions and advanced royal absolutism; he raised money by any methods required and he supervised a foreign policy that was designed to make France the greatest power in Europe.

What were the achievements and failures of Louis XIV’s reign?

The major failure of his reign was that he overreached, particularly in foreign affairs. Louis fought too many expensive wars that did not really help France. By doing so, he ended up impoverishing the country to the point where he died ruing how badly he had overspent on his wars.

What did the Fronde result in?

The Fronde represented the final attempt of the French nobility to do battle with the king, and they were humiliated. In the long-term, the Fronde served to strengthen royal authority, but weakened the economy. The Fronde facilitated the emergence of absolute monarchy.

The Fronde.

Date 1648–1653
Result Revolt suppressed

Why is Richelieu so important for French history?

Richelieu was one of the greatest figures in Early Modern Europe. He changed France from a feudal society into a modern state. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Absolute Monarchy in France because he managed to curb the power of the French nobility.

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What was the purpose of the intendant system?

The intendants’ authority extended into every sphere of provincial administration: they were responsible for carrying out the central power’s orders in their généralités, supervising the local officials, representing the crown at the local autonomous bodies (provincial assemblies in particular), and informing the …

What is the meaning of Richelieu?

Definitions of Richelieu. French prelate and statesman; principal minister to Louis XIII (1585-1642) synonyms: Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, Duc de Richelieu. example of: archpriest, hierarch, high priest, prelate, primate. a senior clergyman and dignitary.