What was ancient France?

How old is ancient France?

The area to the north and south of the Pyrenees, in modern France and Spain, is occupied from about 30,000 years ago by palaeolithic hunter-gatherers who make good use of the many caves in the area.

What was France original name?

The land of the Franks was called “Francia” (Francie in French). By the 6th century, Francia was known as the land of the free men. So France got its name thanks to the Franks… as the French too (les Français)! But not only that.

What was France called in the Bible?

Gaul (modern France).

Who found France?

In the 4th century, the Franks, which is where the name France comes from, began to take power. In 768 Charlemagne united the Franks and began to expand the kingdom. He was named the Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope and is today considered the founder of both the French and German monarchies.

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