What was the difference between British treatment of natives and French treatment?

What was the major difference between the way the French treated the Indians and the way the English treated the Indians?

The major difference between the way that the Spanish and the French treated “their” Indians was based on the respective economic and societal needs of the two European nations. The French used the Indians as economic partners, but did not really try to integrate them that much into a colonial society.

What were the differences between French and British settlement?

In the British colonies, people were able to own land. In the French colonies, only the nobles were able to own land. While both countries had dealings with the Native Americans, the French were much more friendly with them. They married Native American women, converted them to Christianity, and traded with them.

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How did France treat the indigenous people?

France saw Indigenous nations as allies, and relied on them for survival and fur trade wealth. Indigenous people traded for European goods, established military alliances and hostilities, intermarried, sometimes converted to Christianity, and participated politically in the governance of New France.

How did the British treat the Natives?

The English treated the Natives as inferior, believed they stood in the way of their God-given right to the land in America and tried to subject the Natives to their laws as they established their colonies.

What was a difference between British and French approaches to colonialism answers?

France expected that their colonies would always be part of France. They used an approach of assimilation which involved introducing their culture to the colonies. Britain trained their colonies to be self-governing. They were treated as self-governing entities with colonialists to govern them.

What is the difference between the French and Indian War and the Seven Years War?

In Europe, the French and Indian War is conflated into the Seven Years’ War and not given a separate name. “Seven Years” refers to events in Europe, from the official declaration of war in 1756—two years after the French and Indian War had started—to the signing of the peace treaty in 1763.

How did the English treat the natives quizlet?

How did English settlers treat Native Americans? They treated them poorly and pushed on their land and didnt marry and would often get into bloody battles.

What were the major differences between the French and British colonial administrative systems?

According to this view, French colonial administration was very centralized and based on assimilation of colonial territories with France, while British colonial administration was much more decentralized, based upon cooperation with local chiefs.

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What was the difference between French and English settlements quizlet?

What was the basic difference between french and English attitudes about the land they acquired in north america? The French came to be fur traders and travel and work with the Indians. The British came to farm to give anal to native Indians.

What was different between the French and the British in colonial leadership Select all that are true?

They sent students to study abroad. What was different between the French and the British in colonial leadership? … The British relied on native princes and local troops to maintain control. The French sent French colonial governors to maintain control.