Where does French dressing come from?

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Is French dressing from France?

Historically, in both France and the United States, French dressing is simply a very basic vinaigrette consisting of oil, vinegar, seasonings and usually minced shallots or a drop of mustard.

Where does Italian dressing come from?

Is vinaigrette French or Italian?

A classic vinaigrette is used in France, but it’s not what Americans consider as French Dressing. The true vinaigrette is three parts oil to one part vinegar, which is often red or white wine vinegar. Many recipes add in dijon mustard, seasoning, shallots, and garlic for added emulsion and depth of flavors.

What is the difference between Italian and French dressing?

French dressing is apparently an American invention. There are several different recipes for French dressing. Most of them use ketchup, oil, vinegar and paprika. … Italian dressing gets its name from the seasonings found in it — oregano, basil and garlic mixed with olive oil and wine vinegar.

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