Where have the French Foreign Legion fought?

Has the French Foreign Legion ever won a battle?

Throughout its long history since its inception on March 9, 1831, elements of the French Foreign Legion have engaged in combat on the behalf of France and its interests with distinction.

Second World War.

Date May 10 – June 25, 1940
Battle Battle of France
Location France
Result Defeat

Where did the French Foreign Legion fight in ww2?

Yes. The bulk of the French Foreign Legion joined the ‘Free French’ and fought alongside the British army in Norway, North Africa, and throughout the Mediterranean theatre. Initially some remained loyal to Vichy. This latter group later switched sides and also became ‘Free French’.

Did the French Foreign Legion fight in Afghanistan?

A part of the War in Afghanistan, it involved a force of 1,100 troops, including 750 or 800 members of the French Foreign Legion, 200 United States Special Forces and Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers.

What happens if you desert the French Foreign Legion?

If a Legionnaire decides to desert, for the first two days he is “Absent”. … There is a standard sentence of 40 days. (Assuming a Legionnaire has not deserted whilst at war or on the brink of war, then a Legionnaire could face up to two years in a French civilian jail after serving the forty days in the Legion prison).

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How tough is the French Foreign Legion?

The Foreign Legion is today known as a unit whose training focuses on traditional military skills and on its strong esprit de corps, as its men come from different countries with different cultures. Consequently, training is often described as not only physically challenging, but also very stressful psychologically.

Did the French Foreign Legion fight in Vietnam?

Some 6,000 reliable French troops (many African troops or Vietnamese auxiliaries preferred desertion to fighting) against more than 55,000 Viet Minh soldiers. … One of the Legion units had to fight until May 8.

Does the US have a Foreign Legion?

The American Foreign Legion (AFL) is a specialized mercenary branch of the United States Armed Forces. The ALF consist of three 8,000-man mechanized infantry divisions whose members are non-U.S. citizens serving under a cadre of 2,000 regular U.S. Army officers in each division.