Where is Kim Kardashian’s Paris apartment?

Where was Kim Kardashians Paris apartment?

The luxury apartment costs $17,000 per night and is located near major couture houses in the city’s 8th district. According to Billboard, the building is called Hotel de Pourtales, but is known locally as “No Address Hotel.”

Does Kanye have a house in France?

The Jesus Is King rapper and supermodel jetted off to France earlier this week, where they enjoyed a stay at the luxurious Villa La Coste, a 600-acre hotel near Provence.

Where do the Kardashians Live 2021?

And while most of their homes (and most of their work lives) are based in Los Angeles, the Kardashians are quietly spreading out with a new compound in La Quinta — we’re talking the high-end, super-elite Madison Club community.

Where in Hidden Hills do the Kardashians live?

24895 Long Valley Rd, Hidden Hills, CA 91302 | Kim kardashian and kanye, Kim kardashian kanye west, Mansions.

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