Which city is known as port city of France?

What is the port city of France?

The Top 10 Seaports of France

Sl. No. Seaport Detail
1 Port of Marseille Address: 23 place de la Joliette, BP 81965, Marseille, Cedex 2 13226, France
2 Port of Dunkerque Address: BP 6534, Terre-Plein Guillain, Dunkerque, Cedex 1 59386, France
3 Port of Brest Address: Avenue de KIEL, Brest 29200, France,

Which of the following City of France was a port city?

French port cities like Bordeaux and Nantes prospered economically through slave trade.

Which city is the largest economy port of France?

The city’s maritime location and traditions have also led to the growth of industries and services in offshore exploration and engineering. The port complex of Marseille–Fos is the largest in France and among the largest in Europe.

Is Paris a port city?

Today, Paris is the first inland port in France and second in Europe, with 20 million tons transported by waterway in 2008. In tourism – passenger transport and activities – the port even ranks first in the whole world, with over 7 million passengers landing and embarking in 2008.

How many ports are in France?

ports in France (334)

Where is the port of Marseille?

WPS – Port of Marseille review. The Port of Marseille is one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean Sea. It lies to the west of the French Riviera on the Gulf of Lion about 135 kilometers west of Cannes and some 200 nautical miles northeast of Barcelona in Spain.

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