Which community was rich and powerful in Belgium Dutch or French?

Which community was more rich and powerful in Belgium?

French community was rich and powerful in Belgium. The minority community which was relatively rich and powerful in Belgium were the French. The French speakers got the advantage of development in economic area because of many reasons. The French people were educated as well as qualified.

Which was the richest community in Belgium?

Sint-Martens-Latem is Belgium’s richest place, and what about your municipality? Local residents in Sint-Martens-Latem, near Ghent, boast the highest average income of all Belgian municipalities. They can count on an annual income of 27,678 euros.

Why were the French relatively rich and powerful than the Dutch in Belgium?

Answer: The French community in Belgium was relatively rich and powerful than the Dutch speaking community because the French people was more accurate and they were the majority in the capital city Brussels.

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Who were rich in Belgium?

French and the Dutch were the two major communities, which were rich in Belgium.

Why was minority French speaking community relatively rich and powerful?

. They were well-qualified and educated. … Because of their qualifications and education, they were well-settled and thus, rich and powerful.

Which community in Belgium was in minority yet rich and powerful what was their claim in the political order and why?

(ii) In Belgium the minority French speaking community was relatively rich and powerful. This was resented by the Dutch speaking community, who got the benefit of economic development and education much later.

Which community in Belgium is poor and less powerful minority or majority?

in belgium, the minority dutch-speaking community was relatively rich and powerful than the majority french-speaking community.

Which community is in Belgium?

Belgium is split between the Flemish Community, the French Community and the German-speaking Community. All the inhabitants of Flanders and the Brussels-based Flemings are part of the Flemish Culture. The Brussels Flemings live and speak Dutch in the bilingual Brussels-Capital City.

Where do wealthy Belgians live?

Three -quarters of the 500 wealthiest Belgians reside in Flanders, while the rest are divided equally between Brussels and Wallonia, according to derijkstebelgen.be, a new website that provides daily news and statistics on Belgium’s wealthiest people.

Which of the community was in majority in the capital Brussels?

Brussels presented a special problem: the Dutch-speaking people constituted a majority in the country, but a minority in the capital.

What is special about community government in Belgium?

Community government is elected by people belonging to one language community—Dutch, French and German speaking, no matter where they live. … This government has the power relating to culture, education and language issues. . This kind of government helped to avoid civic strife between the two major communities.

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What is the main significance of Belgium model of power sharing?

The Belgium model introduced a new concept of third kind of government, i.e., the ‘Community Government’. This government is elected by the people belonging to one language community. hope it helps you.