Who according to Hamel was responsible for not learning French?

Who did M Hamel blame for French not learning his lesson?

Question 8 : Whom did M Hamel blame for Franz’s inability to answer his question? Answer : M Hamel blamed the habit of people of Alsace of putting off learning for tomorrow and not sending their children to school regularly. He also blamed himself for neglect of learning of boys like Franz.

Who was responsible for neglecting French?

Answer: (a) M. Hamel feels that the parents and he himself are responsible for the children’s neglect of the French language. Parents preferred to have their children work on their farms or in the mills.

Who is responsible according to M Hamel for losing studies of students?

M. Hamel realizes that all three, he himself, the children, and the parents are to be blamed for losing respect and regards for the mother tongue. 8. Hamel says the French language – most beautiful, clear, and logical language in the world.

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How did Hamel blame people and himself for not learning the language properly?

Even the parents were indifferent towards its learning and they would prefer their sons to learn a little instead of learning the language. Blaming himself as well, he told that he himself had often sent the students to water his plants. He gave them a holiday because he wanted to go for fishing.

How did Hamel blame for not knowing French?

M Hamel blamed the inhabitants of Alsace and Lorraine for their lackadaisical attitude to learning French. He even blamed himself for not teaching the French language seriously, as he gave holidays to his students when he wanted to enjoy leisure activities such as fishing and gardening.

Why did M Hamel not blame Franz alone for his inability to learn?

Hamel did not blame Franz alone for his inability to learn because his parents were not interested in making him learn instead wanted him to work in farms or at the mills. M. Hamel also blamed himself for it as he have sent him to water his flowers and sometimes gave a holiday when he wanted to go fishing.

Do you hold M Hamel solely responsible for the neglect of learning?

Answer: M. Hamel did not hold Franz responsible for neglecting the learning of French. Most people of Alsace only pretended to be Frenchmen.

How were parents to blame for the problem of France and its language according to M Hamel?

He blamed them for not being anxious enough to have their children learn French and preferring to put them to work on their farms or at their mills. He also blamed himself for sending his students to water his plants and taking holidays when he wanted to go fishing.

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Why was Franz sorry for not learning his French lesson?

Answer: Franz was sorry for not learning his French lessons. His books, that had seemed such a bother till a while back, were now precious and he felt he could not give them up. He had disliked his teacher, M.

Who did Mr Hamel blame when Franz was unable to answer a question on French participle?

M. Hamel blamed Franz, Franz’s parents, and himself for his inability to answer the question on participles. Immensely pained that the privilege to learn his mother tongue is being deprived from him, M. Hamel said that he wishes everyone did not postpone their studies for the next day.

What did Franz do to skip his French lessons?

Answer: Franz was tempted to run away and spend the day outside instead of attending school as it was a warm and bright day and he wanted to watch the Prussian soldiers’ drill. Moreover he had not done his lesson on participles from which his teacher, M.