Who are the commentators on ITV4 Tour de France?

Who are the TV commentators for the Tour de France?

NBC Sports’ coverage of the 2021 Tour de France features Phil Liggett, universally known as the “voice of cycling,” who will call play-by-play race action. Analyst Bob Roll will join Liggett on the call and Steve Porino serves as the reporter from on-site in France.

Was Gary Imlach a professional cyclist?

Gary Imlach (born 1960, at West Bridgford in Nottinghamshire) is a British author, journalist and broadcaster, specialising in sport.

Gary Imlach
Years active 1980s–present
Employer TV-am (1985–1989) Channel 4 (1990–2001, 2010–2011) ITV Sport (2001–present)
Parent(s) Stewart Imlach (father)

Who are the peacock Tour de France commentators?


  • Adam Blythe – He was an “on-site” reporter for NBC Sports’ coverage of the 2020 Tour de France, and fulfilled that role again for 2021.
  • Paul Burmeister – He has hosted NBC’s studio coverage of the Tour de France.
  • Connie Carpenter.
  • Jenna Corrado.

Is Phil Liggett married?

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