Who caused the Tour de France crash?

What happened to the person who caused the Tour de France crash?

German rider Tony Martin was sent tumbling when he rode straight into the sign, and a large number of other riders came down in the ensuing pile-up. The spectator was released from police custody on Friday after being arrested on Wednesday when she presented herself at a police station in Brittany.

Who Caused crash Tour de France 2021?

The ‘Opi-Omi’ spectator that caused a crash on stage one of the 2021 Tour de France will be appearing in court. The 31-year-old women is set to face charges of causing “involuntary injuries” as well as “endangering others” on Thursday, October 14 according to a report by Ouest France.

What happened to the lady who ruined the Tour de France?

A 30-year-old French woman who caused a wreck during the first stage of the Tour de France is out of hot water legally after race organizers dropped a lawsuit on Thursday. … The woman was taken into custody by authorities and initially charged with fleeing the scene and involuntarily causing injury.

Who won the Tour de France 2021?

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