Who ruled France in 1194?

What did Philip Augustus do?

Philip II (1165-1223), sometimes called Philip Augustus, ruled France from 1180 to 1223. He made the Crown more powerful than any feudal lord, more than tripled the royal domain, and turned the balance of power between France and England in favor of France.

Was Landry a Templar?

Landry is described as the courageous, headstrong leader of the Knights Templar, a real Catholic military order that traces back to the 12th century. As a boy, Landry was left at the steps of an orphanage, where he was found by nuns and brought up in the church.

Did King Philip of France invade England?

In 1202, Philip II launched an invasion of Normandy, culminating in the six month-long Siege of Château Gaillard, which led to the conquest of the duchy and of neighbouring territories.

Anglo-French War (1213–1214)

Anglo-French War
Philip II of France John, King of England Emperor Otto IV Renaud of Boulogne Henry I, Duke of Brabant
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