Why did the French settle and explore North America?

What were the main reasons for the French to explore?

Besides expanding the fur trade, the French wanted to find a river passage across North America (for a trade route to Asia), explore and secure territory, and establish Christian missions to convert Native peoples.

What were the 3 reasons for the Exploration & settlement of North America?

Although there are many others, it seems that these three of religious freedom, land, and economic opportunity it possessed the most weight for causing people to come to the new land. Over a widespread time many people came over and settled down in New England and the south to start a new lifestyle.

Why did the French migrate to America?

The reasons for the French Immigration to America were for a variety of reasons including religious and political persecution and natural disasters such as the potato blight that caused hunger and famine. Also refer to Examples of PUSH and PULL Factors of French Immigration.

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Why did the French settle in the Great Lakes region?

For the early French explorers, the more continent they discovered the more their hopes were frustrated. They had hoped that the vast St. Lawrence-Great Lakes waterway was part of a Northwest Passage to the wealth of the Orient. They were eager to hear word of salt water and strange people to the west.

Why did French settlers come to the Americas quizlet?

Why did the French and the Dutch set up colonies? They set up colonies to trade furs and convert Indians to the Catholic religion.

What did the French do in North America?

Most colonies were developed to export products such as fish, rice, sugar, and furs. As they colonized the New World, the French established forts and settlements that would become such cities as Quebec and Montreal in Canada; Detroit, Green Bay, St.

Why did the French want to settle in Canada?

French rulers wanted to gain power and wealth by claiming lands and resources around the world. Many of the French that came to Canada did because they wanted to make a better life for themselves.

What are two reasons that the Spanish and French colonized America?

Spain colonized America because they were searching for gold and silver. They did find a lot of gold and silver when they conquered the Aztec and Inca Empires. France colonized North America because of the great amount of furs they found there.

Why did the Europeans want to explore and create settlements in the Americas?

The thirst for land. The need for resources to support growing populations in Europe. The desire for new trade routes and luxury goods. The ideology of existing slavery and indentured servitude.

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Why did settlers come to America?

Colonists came to America because they wanted political liberty. They wanted religious freedom and economic opportunity. The United States is a country where individual rights and self-government are important. … Colonists first came to America for more freedom.