Why do French hate Emily in Paris?

Why do people have a problem with Emily in Paris?

Her views and values on relationships and cheating seem to be extremely dependant on how attractive she finds someone, she’s supposed to be a brilliant social media manager but she doesn’t seem to understand Instagram, she’s presumably intelligent enough to be good at her job, but is remarkably unintelligent when it …

What is the controversy over Emily in Paris?

One allegation was that more than 30 members were treated to such a set visit during “Emily’s” first season, staying at a five-star pricey hotel in Paris and being hosted for a ritzy day at a private museum. Star did not comment on this.

Does Emily in Paris speak French?

5. Language learning is an ever-evolving journey. When Emily arrives at her new job in Paris, and her boss starts speaking to her in French, she admits that she doesn’t speak French very well.

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