Why does Jodie Foster speak French so well?

How did Jodie Foster learn to speak French so well?

These celebrities may surprise you with their ability to speak French. Jodie Foster: Jodie Foster is an American actress, producer, and director. … Very few people know about her French speaking skills. Foster learned French at the Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a prep school that she attended for twelve years.

Is Jodie Foster fluent in French?

Foster, who walked the red carpet with her wife, Alexandra Hedison, regaled the festival audience with her fluent French. “During this year of transition, the cinema has been my lifeline,” said Foster. … (Foster attended a French prep school in Los Angeles and her family lived for a time in France.

Does Jodie Foster speak?

Jodie Foster can speak five languages.

The super-intelligent Jodie Foster became fluent in French while attending a French-language prep school, Lycée Français de Los Angeles. … Foster can also speak some German, Spanish, and Italian. Listen to Jodie Foster speak French, and Italian, German, and Spanish.

Is Jane Fonda bilingual?

Jane Fonda

Actrice, producer, and director, Jane Fonda speaks French very well since she was married to French director Roger Vadim for seven years.

Why does Bradley Cooper speak French?

Bradley Cooper – French

According to People Magazine, Bradley was first inspired to learn French as a kid after watching Chariots Of Fire. … He also took advantage of going on an exchange program in Aix-en-Provence in France for six months where he lived with a host family.

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Does Gwyneth Paltrow speak French?

Not only is she an Oscar-winning actress and Harvard graduate, but she also speaks five languages! She speaks Hebrew, German, Japanese, Spanish and some French too. … Gwyneth Paltrow – After spending time in Spain as a teenager, Gwyneth Paltrow fell in love with the country and vowed to learn Spanish proficiently.

Why does Johnny Depp speak French?

The actor has two children with Vanessa Paradis who were raised bilingually. During their early life, the children, (Lily-Rose and Jack) spoke French with their mother and English with Depp. In order to simplify their life and be able to understand them at all times, Depp took learning French seriously.

Does Beyonce speak French?

Their Creole language has elements of French, Spanish and African American roots. … Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Beyonce must have learnt a bit of French from her mum.