Why does Lady Capulet describe Paris as a book?

What does Lady Capulet describe Paris as?

6. Lady Capulet describes Paris’s face as a precious book of love. Paris is “valiant, a man of wax, a flower.” Lady Capulet and Nurse describe Paris in terms of his physical appearance and his strong character.

What words does Lady Capulet use to compare Paris to a book?

What extended image does Lady Capulet use in describing Paris? Lady Capulet uses an extended metaphor to describe Paris as a beautiful book of love. How does Shakespeare use the character of the Nurse?

How does Lady Capulet use the metaphor of a volume to describe Paris?

The Nurse and Capulet’s Wife also refer to Paris as a “flower” (lines 78-79). … Capulet’s Wife uses the metaphor of a “volume” (line 82) or book to describe Paris’s face in which Juliet will find “delight” written with “beauty’s pen” (line 83), meaning Juliet will find him handsome.

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What does Lady Capulet mean by comparing Paris to a flower?

This means that Paris is the ideal man; similar to what an artist would make out of wax. The Nurse is trying to support Lady Capulet by further saying, “Nay, he’s a flower, in faith, a very flower” (1.3. 84). This is a general compliment towards Paris.

How does Lady Capulet view Paris?

Both the Nurse and Lady Capulet spend much time praising Count Paris and his beauty and importance, trying to persuade Juliet that he is a great man to have for a husband, but if there is one difference between them, it is that the Nurse makes rather unhelpful but very funny comments regarding marriage and comments …

How would you describe Lady Capulet?

Lady Capulet is quite a timid, unknowing and selfish character, as she appears to be frightened of her husband and does not love her daughter like a mother should. In the play, she forgets Juliet’s age and they have a formal relationship, illustrating the distance between them both.

What is Paris discussing with Capulet and Lady Capulet?

Late on Monday evening, Capulet and Paris discuss how Juliet’s grief over Tybalt’s death has prevented Paris from continuing his courtship of Juliet. Suddenly, as Paris prepares to leave, Capulet offers him Juliet’s hand in marriage.

What do they compare Count Paris to?

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Count Paris is the relative of Escalus, the Prince of Verona, who seeks to marry Juliet Capulet.

What features of Paris does Lady Capulet emphasize in her comparison?

In a metaphor, Juliet’s mother compares Paris to a book. She emphasized the look of happiness on his face, the look of knowledge in his eyes, and the look of mystery to him.

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How does Lady Capulet use a metaphor of an unbound book to describe the potential relationship between Paris and Juliet?

How does Juliet’s mother use the metaphor of an “unbound” book to describe the potential relationship between Paris and Juliet? … By marrying Paris, Juliet can become Paris’s “cover,” (line 89) and complete “[t]his precious book of love” (line 88).

Do you think that Lady Capulet provides a strong and effective argument in favor of Paris?

Lady Capulet thinks Paris will be a good husband for Juliet because both she and her husband think of him as a person of understanding who possesses a good heart. Moreover, he is wealthy and well-connected, so the marriage between would elevate Juliet and the entire family.