Why is Paris at the tomb?

Why is Paris at the Capulet tomb?

Why does Paris go to the Capulet tomb? To lay flowers besides Juliet’s tomb and mourn her death. … By this time, Paris is committed to marrying Juliet. He may not love her in the way Romeo does, as this was to be an “arranged” marriage.

Why is Paris at Juliet’s tomb what does he do nightly?

When Paris finds out Juliet has died, he laments his loss, grief-stricken and emotional. … Paris comes to Juliet’s tomb to weep and leave flowers. It is a ritual he plans to perform nightly, and this first night he wants to grieve alone, and sends his page away to stand watch and make sure no one disturbs him.

Why does Paris go to the churchyard?

Why is Paris in the churchyard in this scene? Paris is in the churchyard to pay respects to his dead fiancé. He placed flowers on her tomb.

Who arrives as Paris is at the tomb?

Troubled, the friar enters the tomb, where he finds Paris’s body and then Romeo’s. As the friar takes in the bloody scene, Juliet wakes. Juliet asks the friar where her husband is.

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What does Paris promise for Juliet’s grave?

Paris comes to Juliet’s grave to strew flowers and weep. He sends his Page a ways off, to act as a lookout. Paris promises to visit Juliet’s grave every night, then the Page whistles to warn him that someone is coming.

Why does Paris think Romeo is responsible for Juliet’s death?

Explain Paris’ logic in thinking that Romeo is responsible for Juliet killing herself? Paris believes that Juliet has died due to grieve of Tybalt and he has Romeo to blame because he was the one that killed Tybalt.

What has Paris come to the tomb?

Paris comes to scatter flowers around the tomb to show his love for Juliet. Romeo comes to see Juliet and to die by her side.

Why does Paris believe Romeo is at the graveyard for what does Paris blame Romeo?

Explain Paris’ perception of Romeo and his presence at the graveyard. For what does Paris blame Romeo? Paris believes Romeo wants revenge and blames him for her grief over Tybalt (or her death in general).