Why is toilet plural in French?

Is toilet in French plural?

Note that the toilet is plural in French. Ask “où sont les toilettes” – not for la salle de bain…

Is it le toilette or la toilette?

Le toilette doesn’t exist, toilette is a female gender word. La toilette : is cleaning yourself in general.

What are toilets called in France?

In many countries, the terms “toilet”, “WC”, and “Powder Room” are used interchangeably. The WC refers to the initial letters of Water Closet and is widely used in France (pronounced “le vay-say” or “le vater”). It’s typcially a toilet contained in a small room.

Is Les Cheveux plural?

3 – Hair Is Plural In French

Watch out that in French, “les cheveux” is plural… So whenever you refer to “hair” (singular in English), you’ll need to use a verb / French adjective in the plural. And of course, like for most French adjectives, the adjective goes after the noun.

What does a Japanese toilet do?

What is a Japanese Toilet? The innovation in modern Japanese toilets is actually in the seat. These electric toilet seats spray water to cleanse one’s bottom or female genital area. The spray of water is initiated by a remote control panel near or attached to the seat.

Is toilettes always plural?

‘Toilettes’ is always plural in French even in the home. ‘les toilettes’ is the most used. ‘Toilette’, singular, means a wash.

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What is a poop shelf?

For those of you not in the know, the poop shelf toilet is a toilet that offers an unobstructed view of your waste, both solid and liquid, before it is whisked away into the darkness.

What is a Dutch toilet?

Arguably the most alarming feature of a Water Closet is the infamous Dutch toilet bowl. … Dutch engineers have designed the bowl itself to contain a plateau set well above the normal water level. To say the least, one must be very comfortable with themselves and all their excrements on the display shelf.