Why were the Bibliotheque Bleue popular in France?

What were Bibliotheque Bleue in France?

Bibliothèque bleue is the name given to the small chapbooks printed on blue paper and sold by itinerant vendors in France from the 17th until the early 19th centuries. CIFNAL’s first project focuses on creating a searchable digital library of these books.

What were chapbooks Class 10?

Complete answer: Option A: A chapbook was a type of printed street literature, these were commonly small, paper-covered booklets usually printed on a single sheet folded into books of eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty-four pages. … These books were carried by peddlers called chapmen, these were licensed or authorized.

How was Bibliotheque Bleue different from penny chapbooks?

These books were sold for a penny, so that even the poor could buy them. ‘Bibliotheque Bleue’, were low priced small books printed in France. Both were low priced books printed on poor quality paper but the Bibliotheque bleue were bound in cheap blue covers.

Who were called chapmen Class 10 which chapter?

Seller of penny chap books were called chapmen.

It was sold in early modern Europe. They were booklets containing 24 pages in maximum.

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