You asked: How do I find a PhD supervisor in France?

How do I find a PhD supervisor?

To find a potential supervisor:

  1. Find the school or research institute that is most relevant to your area of interest. …
  2. Browse through the staff profiles on the school or institute website.
  3. Check the procedure for contacting the potential supervisor with your initial enquiry or research proposal.

Is PhD in France free?

The French Government increased university fees for international (non-EU / EEA) students in 2019, but only at Bachelors and Masters level. The annual cost of a programme for these students is €3,770 for Masters courses at public universities. PhD fees will remain at €380, regardless of nationality.

How much PhD students get paid in France?

A doctoral fellowship is a work contract specifically for doctoral students. It lasts three years, and can be renewed for one additional year twice at most. The doctoral student’s net salary is approximately 1,350 to 1,400 euros per month in 2017. It can be higher when you perform additional activities.

How much does it cost to do a PhD in France?

The new tuition fees for international students, starting September 2019, are: 2,770 euros per year for Bachelor’s (Licence) programmes, 3,770 euros per year for Master’s programmes, 380 euros per year for Doctorate (PhD) programmes – the same amount as for Europeans.

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How do I request PhD supervision?

Here are some things to keep in mind when emailing potential PhD supervisors to increase your odds of getting a response.

  1. Keep it short. Professors are short of time and receive a ton of emails each day. …
  2. Make a Connection. …
  3. Have a Clear CTA. …
  4. Introduce yourself. …
  5. Have a Clear Subject Line. …
  6. Thank them for their time. …
  7. Follow up.

Where can I find PhD topics?

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic For Your Doctoral Degree

  1. Develop a topic that will hold your interest. …
  2. Read everything you can on the subject. …
  3. Find a theoretical basis to support your topic. …
  4. Look for a niche in which you can make a difference. …
  5. Let yourself shift gears. …
  6. Fine-tune your topic based on input from others.

Is PhD salary taxed in France?

They do not have to pay taxes, but have to pay the student social insurance to have health support, and they cannot pretend to unemployment help once their PhD is over.

How do I get a PhD in France?

In France, there are no “doctoral programmes” that enable you to enrol for a Doctorate in a particular field, leaving you the first year to choose and refine your thesis subject. You must therefore be able to find a thesis topic and a thesis supervisor before you can enrol. The Doctoral school must also accept you.

What can I do after PhD in France?

In France, a post-doctorate lasts from 6 months to 3 years. A post-doctoral student is considered to be a researcher in their own right. Experiments, publication of papers, participation in seminars and conferences… The post-doc is an active participant in the life of the research laboratory.

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Can French PhD students work?

Working during your PhD

Every international student in France is permitted to work alongside their studies as soon as they are enrolled in a French institute and registered for Student Social Security. If you are not an EU student, you must have a residency permit in order to work.

How long does it take to get a PhD in French?

How is the program structured and how long does it take to complete the degree? The program is designed to take five to six years. The first two years are devoted to taking courses and writing the MA thesis.