You asked: How do I get a disabled badge in France?

Is a UK blue badge valid in France?

Negotiations are taking place about the recognition and use of UK Blue Badges in some European countries.

Where your UK Blue Badge is recognised in Europe.

Country or territory UK Blue Badge recognised More information
France No Check with the French Embassy
Germany Yes None

How do I get a disabled parking badge?

Displaying a Blue Badge

If there is no dashboard or fascia panel, you must display it where it can be clearly read from outside the vehicle. The front of the badge should face upwards showing the hologram. The side showing the photograph should not be visible through the windscreen.

Is France disability friendly?

Wheelchair accessibility Nice

Over the years, the city has improved its accessibility enormously. You find various accessible restaurants, toilets, cultural highlights, activities, and hotels. One of the most accessible beaches in France is even located in Nice. You find anything you could possibly need.

Can I use my disabled badge in Europe after Brexit?

About the use of Blue Badge disabled parking permits in Europe. The Blue Badge parking scheme was first launched in 1970. It is an EU wide scheme and there is a reciprocal arrangement with all EU countries so that disabled drivers can use their permit to park when they travel abroad.

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Can I use my Blue Badge in someone else’s car?

If you have a Blue Badge you can park in places other drivers can’t, for example parking spaces for Blue Badge holders. The Blue Badge is linked to you rather than a vehicle, so you can use it with any car. This includes taxis and hire cars that you’re driving, or travelling in as a passenger.

What disabilities qualify for disabled parking?

Common conditions include:

  • Lung disease.
  • Heart disease.
  • Substantially impaired mobility, for example, use of a wheelchair, brace, or cane.
  • A disease that significantly limits your ability walk or to use your legs.
  • Documented vision problems, including low-vision or partial sightedness.

Can someone else park in my disabled bay?

A disabled parking bay is not exclusive to the person for whom it has been provided. Any person with a valid Blue Badge can park in a disabled bay at any time.

How is disability viewed in France?

The UN disability rights treaty, ratified by France and more than 170 other countries, recognizes that people with disabilities have the right to make decisions for themselves just like anyone else.

Can a disabled person move to France?

DISABLED expats who have had their benefits cut by the UK may be eligible for help in France, Connexion has found. In principle people moving between EU states should be able to support themselves, however, this does not prevent them from claiming some benefits, a French official has said.