You asked: How do the French celebrate Valentine’s day?

Is Valentines Day a big deal in France?

In France, only couples celebrate the Saint Valentin, but they don’t see it as an important holiday, considering love should be celebrated year around. … Although some people will deny it, the United States make Valentine’s Day a big deal in comparison to the rest of the world.

What do the French eat on Valentine’s Day?

Menu: A French Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

  • Dolin and Soda.
  • Raw Oysters on the Half Shell.
  • Gougeres.
  • Magret à la D’Artagnan (Seared Duck Breast)
  • Pommes Duchesse (Piped Potatoes)
  • Herbed Haricots Verts.
  • Creme Brûlée.
  • Lavender Tuiles.

What type of celebrations do they have in St Valentin?

February Festival at Saint-Valentin Village

Every February, the village hosts a three-day festival to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Everything is covered in flowers, especially red roses, and visiting couples pour in to celebrate the occasion.

What are the months in French?

Les Mois- Pronunciation

  • janvier (zhan-vee-ay) – January.
  • février (feh-vree-ay) – February.
  • mars (mahrs) – March.
  • avril (ah-vreel) – April.
  • mai (may) – May.
  • juin (zhuahn ) – June.
  • juillet (zhui-ay) – July.
  • août (oot) – August.

Why is Saint Valentin feminine?

Note that we say LA Saint-Valentin. All the names of feasts of saints are always feminine, because the word fête is implied, and this word is feminine: la Saint-Nicolas, la Saint-Valentin, etc.

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What is Loterie d amour?

A past custom in France (now banned) was an odd one. Called the “une loterie d’amour” or “drawing for love”, Valentine’s Day used to have single people of all ages entering houses that faced opposite each other and calling out through the windows until eventually they paired off with each other.