You asked: Was Hamilton for or against France?

Why was Hamilton against the French?

While Adams never cites one specific reason (but rather the general well-being of America) as his reasoning for maintaining peace, Hamilton had a clear reason to desire peace with France. Hamilton wanted to “avoid rupture” with France in order to keep the “Jacobin criticism” silent and to unite the American people.

Did Alexander Hamilton like the French?

As the war wound down after Yorktown, Hamilton wrote a French acquaintance that he was in favor of continued Franco-American friendship, including privileged commercial relations.

Did Hamilton betray France?

Though this sounds like a betrayal, Hamilton wasn’t deliberately letting down Lafayette. The musical touched on Hamilton’s reasoning for refusing to help France. He explained that it would be unwise for President George Washington (Christopher Jackson) to lead their feeble nation into another military mess.

Did Hamilton support the French or the British?

Hamilton advocated a strict neutrality for the United States; a neutrality vehemently opposed by the Republicans on the basis that, as France had helped the United States win her independence, it was incumbent upon the United States to reciprocate.

Did America help France in the French Revolution?

However, the U.S. government never sent troops, weapons or economic aid to French rebels. The United States established a formal policy of neutrality to ward off any potential acts of foreign aggression.

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Could the US have won the revolutionary war without France?

The intervention of France, Spain, and the Netherlands in the conflict made a crucial difference in the Revolution’s outcome. It is highly improbable that the United States could have won its independence without the assistance of France, Spain, and Holland.

Why were federalists against the French Revolution?

Federalists, in general, were men of wealth and position. They did not believe in democracy, rule by the people. For this reason, they strongly opposed the revolution in France. They were horrified by the execution of the French king and queen.

Why did Jefferson support France?

He believed the French Revolution was directly inspired by the American Revolution, which ended only a couple years before. It is likely that Jefferson foresaw a similar end result: he hoped France would become a liberal democracy along the lines of the United States.