You asked: What are the cheeses of France?

What cheese is most eaten in France?

Emmental. Also known as “Swiss cheese” is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that comes from Swiss. It has a savory but mild taste. It is the most consumed cheese in France.

Is Brie a French cheese?

Brie is a soft ripened, bloomy white rinded, creamy cow’s milk cheese whose recipe dates back to the 8th century. The famous French Cheese is named for the French province of Brie.

How many AOC cheeses does France have?

The AOC system was developed in the 19th century for wine. In 1925, Roquefort became the first cheese to be awarded an AOC label, and since then over 40 cheeses have been assigned AOC status.

Why is France known for cheese?

It is thought that the Romans introduced the first cheeses into France. It was the French monasteries that began to perfect the delicious tradition of French cheese. These monks were meticulous in creating these cheeses and their experimentation is where we came up with the numerous varieties that we have today.

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