You asked: What does the French countryside smell like?

How would you describe the smell of the countryside?

The smell of spring, wild flowers, primroses and bluebells, honeysuckle, blackthorn and new mown grass. Freshly cut summer straw in the field and the scent of fresh strawberries – and then comes autumn and the smell that rises when the silage clamp is first opened. All are so evocative to me.

What does the French Riviera smell like?

A fragrance unlike any other, it has been described as a combination of piney shrubs, spicy herbs and sweet flowers, not forgetting traces of lavender and rosemary. … It is a heady mix of juniper, thyme, sage and lavender (with the name garrigue used to refer to them collectively).

What does South of France smell like?

The signature scent of the south of France, described as a mix of piney shrubs, spicy herbs and sweet flowers.

Why does the countryside smell?

Those living in rural areas and day trippers to the British countryside will be familiar with the pungent aroma lingering in the air after a farmer has been out muck-spreading – often ironically referred to as ‘that fresh country air’, it’s the by-product of the natural cow-poo, or slurry, used as fertilizer.

What does rural area smell like?

The scent locates the smeller in the rural open air, near a center of agriculture (both nourishment and economic activity), and with a promise of release from the short, dark days of winter. … The smell is, in a word, unclean. There are also rural/rural divides that can be diagnosed with the smell of cow manure.

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What is the scent in Disney Riviera resort?

The enchanting scent in Disney’s Riviera Resort is perfectly named Mediterranean Mist, as it whisks you away to the Mediterranean as soon as you step foot into the lobby. You can smell the beautiful notes of Jasmine, white tea, and bergamot.

What does Paris perfume smell like?

Paris is a brilliant harmony of roses and violet flowers. This woody-floral starts with bergamot and violet, followed my may rose and iris at its heart, ending with sensational warmth of sandalwood. It was created in 1983. Here you can watch an advertising video for Paris by YSL.