You asked: What happened to the king and queen after France became a constitutional monarchy?

What did the Constitution of 1791 do to the king and queen of France?

What did the Constitution of 1791 do to the king and queen of France? the provisions of the constitution of 1791 were they set up a limited monarchy in place of their absolute monarchy. they made legislative assembly that could make laws, and collect taxes. they placed the french catholic church under state control.

What happened to France’s constitutional monarchy?

The monarchy lost most of its power. Describe what happened to France’s constitutional monarchy because of the French Revolution. The Jacobins wanted to get rid of any traces of the old social order so they seized nobles’ lands and abolished their titles. They also tried, convicted, and executed the king.

How did the constitution of 1791 change the French monarchy?

Constitution of 1791, French constitution created by the National Assembly during the French Revolution. It retained the monarchy, but sovereignty effectively resided in the Legislative Assembly, which was elected by a system of indirect voting. … The constitution lasted less than a year.

How were King Louis and Marie Antoinette killed?

The next January, Louis was convicted and condemned to death by a narrow majority. On January 21, he walked steadfastly to the guillotine and was executed. Nine months later, Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason by a tribunal, and on October 16 she followed her husband to the guillotine.

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How did the constitutional monarchy fail?

When the King used his veto powers to protect non-juring priests and refused to raise militias in defense of the revolutionary government, the constitutional monarchy proved unacceptable to radical revolutionaries and was effectively ended by the August 10 Insurrection.

How did the events of 1789 result in a constitutional monarchy in France and what were the consequences?

The events of 1789 resulted in a constitutional monarchy in France because of the declaration of the National Assembly. The consequences were the limiting of the powers of the King, the abolishing of the nobility, and the seizure of church property.