You asked: What is Bordeaux especially known for?

What is unique about Bordeaux France?

In the ancient days, the Bordeaux region was famed for its white wine with over 80% of the land dedicated to the production of white wines like Sauternes, Barsac, Bordeaux Blanc and Graves. The transition to red occurred in the 1970’s as Bordeaux’s signature red blend began to rise in popularity.

Is Bordeaux famous for its wine?

Bordeaux, with its many chateaux and the renowned 1855 Classification, is a leading destination for wine lovers, as well as the bedrock of the fine wine market and a benchmark for winemakers around the world.

Is Bordeaux a beautiful city?

Bordeaux isn’t just a wine region but is a city as well. Of course, there are many vineyards to visit in Bordeaux area but there is so much more than that. Bordeaux is a beautiful city which is easy to visit because the Mayor of Bordeaux invested a lot of money on transport.

Are people in Bordeaux friendly?

Bordeaux locals have the reputation of being aloof and not very welcoming. … In general, people in Bordeaux are a bit reserved, but they will open up as soon as you make the first step to engage with them. So, smile and not only will people smile back but they will also make you one of their own!

What is Bordeaux known for other than wine?

Bordeaux is also the home to several museums including the CAPC, the Museum of Modern Art, known locally as the Musee d’ACt Contemporain, located in a converted, stunningly beautiful, former colonial warehouse and the Museum of Aquitaine, known locally as the Musee d’Aquitaine, which houses various historical items.

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