You asked: Where did French onion soup originate from?

What is the history behind French onion soup?

The origin of the modern day French Onion Soup can be traced back to 18th century France where it was made from onions, which were caramalized, and beef broth. The crouton on top of the soup is a reminiscent of ancient soups. The soup was, and still is, often finished when it is placed under broiler in a ramekin.

What language is Oignons?

1: Etymology: The French word oignon (like the English word onion) is from classical Latin ūniōn-/ūniō, a rustic Roman name for a single onion, also a name for a large single pearl.

How bad is French onion soup for you?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that french onion soup is, in fact, a highly nutritious choice. Onions, as part of the Allium family, contain Quercetin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and should not be overlooked as a vegetable when considering your daily 7-a-day.

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