Your question: Are Phil Liggett and Bob Roll in France?

Is Bob Roll in France 2021?

WHAT TIME DOES THE 2021 TOUR DE FRANCE START? NBC’s Tour de France coverage begins Saturday, June 26 from 6:00 a.m. ET. … Bob Roll—a cycling analyst—will join Liggett on the call and Steve Porino will serve as the reporter on the ground in France.

Where is Phil Liggett commentating?

Phil Liggett joins Channel Seven’s Tokyo Olympic Games team as cycling commentator | Sunrise.

Where is Phil Liggett now?

Born on the Wirral, and currently residing with his wife Trish in a game reserve in South Africa where he helps with efforts to protect rhinos from poachers, Liggett is one of those old-school sports broadcasters – like John Motson or Clive Everton – whose natural communication skills and unswerving celebration of …

Who are the peacock Tour de France commentators?


  • Adam Blythe – He was an “on-site” reporter for NBC Sports’ coverage of the 2020 Tour de France, and fulfilled that role again for 2021.
  • Paul Burmeister – He has hosted NBC’s studio coverage of the Tour de France.
  • Connie Carpenter.
  • Jenna Corrado.
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Is Phil Liggett at the Tour de France 2021?

NBC Sports’ coverage of the 2021 Tour de France features Phil Liggett, universally known as the “voice of cycling,” who will call play-by-play race action. Analyst Bob Roll will join Liggett on the call and Steve Porino serves as the reporter from on-site in France.

Did Bob Roll ever won a Tour de France stage?

Cycling achievements

3-time Tour de France racer – 63rd (1986), DNF due to a crash (1987), 132nd (1990).

Did Phil Liggett race in the Tour de France?

He currently commentates on the Tour de France and bike races for ITV and NBC Sports, and was previously associated with Australia’s SBS.

Phil Liggett.

Phil Liggett MBE
Nationality British
Occupation Cycling commentator and journalist; also commentates on events such as snow-sports and triathlon

Why is Steve Porino not at the Tour de France?

Travel restrictions on U.S. residents made it difficult to get Porino into France, so he’s on vacation with his family in Maine, as former British racer Adam Blythe fills in.

What is Jens Voigt doing now?

Jens Voigt serves as an analyst and reporter for NBC Sports’ cycling coverage, including the Tour de France and the Amgen Tour of California. … In 2014 he retired from competition after a 22-year professional cycling career.

Is Phil Liggett married?