Your question: How do you type French accents with capital letters?

Do you put accents on capital letters in French?

You may have heard that capital letters are not supposed to be accented. This may be good advice, but, really, whether to use accents on French capital letters is entirely up to you. Most of the time they are not essential, and so most French speakers do not add them.

How do you capitalize accented letters?

Using a Key Combination

You can also enter accented uppercase letters using the Alt key in combination with a corresponding Unicode value. Here are the codes for the main accented letters: Á = alt + 181. Â = alt + 182.

How do I type capital é on my keyboard?

To type the letter “é” on a PC, press and hold the ALT key and type 0233. In Microsoft Word, press CTRL + ‘, followed by the letter “e”. This should make the letter “é” appear in your document.

What are the five accent marks in French?

Accents in the French Alphabet

  • The Aigu Accent (L’accent aigu) The aigu accent is placed above the e vowel and changes the sound to ay. …
  • The Grave Accent (L’accent grave) …
  • The Cedilla (La Cédille) …
  • The Circumflex (Le Circonflexe) …
  • The Trema (Le tréma)

What is the INTL keyboard?

The US International keyboard layout is a feature of Windows that allows for easier input of accents for French, Spanish, German, etc. It is highly recommended for those who do not want to use the ALT number combinations for these characters and should work in most programs that run on Windows.

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