Your question: How does plastic affect France?

What does France do with their plastic?

Flexible PE packaging is mainly recycled into garbage bags and irrigation pipes. With France’s circular economy roadmap and the extension of sorting guidelines to all packaging, new outlets will be developed to increase the use of recycled materials in packaging and in new products.

How much plastic is used in France?

France has one of the highest consumptions of plastic in Europe: 4.8 million tonnes of plastic are produced per year*, the equivalent of 70 kg per inhabitant.

Does France have a recycling problem?

Unfortunately, since 2017, France is no longer progressing in waste recycling. Thus, it falls to 25th place with 22,2% recycled plastic waste against 31% on average in Europe. The goal of 100% recycled plastics by 2025 seems quite far, especially since the recovery of waste is complex.

What percent of plastic is recycled in France?

The general recycling rate in France stands at a surprisingly low 23%, compared to Germany’s 47% figure and the UK’s 43% achievement. As it stands, France appears likely to fail in the EU target of 50% recycling rates by 2020 and 70% recycling rates by 2030. We hope to be proven wrong on that count.

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How does France manage plastic waste?

France has not made as much progress on recycling as its neighboring countries, ranking 5th for recycling domestic plastic waste in 2016 (22% of all waste). 3.4MT of waste is incinerated (1.8MT) or ends up in landfills (1.6MT). … Current policies offer limited action toward reducing plastic production and use.

How does France deal with plastic waste?

Plastic waste ban

France has already taken robust action to reduce the amount of waste from plastics. Last September, as part of its new Act on Energy Transition for Green Growth, the government built on its total ban on supermarket plastic bags to become the first nation to ban plastic cups, plates and cutlery.

How does France recycle?

Most towns have containers for recycling paper, plastic and cardboard packaging. It is all mixed together, in the bins with yellow lid, and the separation of the material is handled later. Glass is put in a separate container. Electronic equipment can be taken to a waste collection centre or tip (déchèterie).

Does France use landfills?

On the French territory, around 230 landfill sites are currently functioning and have welcomed about 18 millions tons of « non-hazardous » waste in 2015 (a little more than a half coming from households).

What items are recycled in France?

In general, most French households are expected to separate compost-type waste (e.g. food and garden waste) from paper, plastic and glass waste that can be recycled.