Your question: What did Franz feel when he came to know that French would not be taught to them anymore?

How did Franz feel when he came to know that he was attending his last French lesson?

When M. Hamel mounted on the chair and announced that he was there to teach his last French lesson that day, Franz was shocked and surprised. He felt very guilty for deliberately ignoring to learn his native language and he suddenly developed a strange fascination for his language and his school.

How did Franz feel when he entered the class that day?

Question 3 : What did Franz wonder about when he entered the class that day? Answer : When Franz entered class that day, he was expecting a scolding from M Hamel he spoke very kindly and asked him to sit. Franz also wondered at the presence of senior villagers occupying back benches of the class.

How did Franz feel about the last lesson taught?

Never in his student’s life, Franz had ever learned with rapt attention. The teacher taught with great patience and used a specific technique. It seemed as if the teacher wanted to pour everything in the minds of his students.

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What did Franz regret?

He forgot all about Mr. Hamel’s ruler and hard discipline. Now he thought the books as his old friends whom he could not give up. He regretted and realised his foolishness.

Which emotions does Franz experience at the end of the chapter Why?

He immediately felt sorry for not being sincere in the school and for not learning the French language and other lessons properly. His books, which seemed a nuisance and a burden earlier to him, were now his old friends. The school also became very important for him. Hope it helps!

What was Franz reaction when he reached school Why?

When the little franz reached that day to school he shocked because he noticed many different things in his school that there is prind of silence There is no noise of students everything is peace Butwhen he entered in his classroom he saw that the people from his village were in his class at last benches which was very …

What was Franz reaction to the news?

Franz was shocked to hear this he remember the crowd at bulletin board. These words were thunderclap for him he tried to grasp all the knowledge in on ego but everything messed up. He felt pity for M. Hammel too but he is helpless now.

Do you think Franz was upset for not learning?

yes he was really upset because the whole year he had been careless abot studies and suddenly one day he comes to noe that they are no more going to study german. this made him realise how important his language was and made him regret for his actions.

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Why did Franz feel surprised on entering the classroom?

When he entered in class he got surprised because there was silent and calmness because his teacher M. Hamel was leaving the school. … When Franz entered his school, he found a pin-drop silence.

Why was Franz feeling regretful and sad *?

Franz felt regretful and sad for not learning his mother tongue.

How did Mr M Hamel describe French language?

He praised French as the most beautiful, the clearest and most logical language in the world. He said that for the enslaved people, their language was the key to their prison.