Your question: What do Defarges learn in Paris?

Why do the Defarges go to Paris?

Why do the Defarges go to Paris? They go to Paris to meet with “Jacques of the police.”

What information do the Defarges learn from John Barsad?

What information does Defarge get from Jacques on the police force? Where have you heard of this man before? The police tell Defarge that John Barsad, a spy is coming to visit his shop. He was one of the two spys (with Cly) who testified against Darnay in his treason trial.

Why does Mr Lorry go to Paris?

Lorry is going to Paris to check on business for Tellson’s Bank. Despite the ongoing revolution in France (it’s 1792), Mr. Lorry wants to check on the property of the bank’s French customers, and he is bringing Jerry Cruncher with him to protect him.

What theme does Charles Darnay’s decision to go to France fall under?

As Darnay’s fate draws near, Dickens revisits the themes of resurrection and being buried alive. For instance, Darnay leaves for France to recall Gabelle, who could be executed any time, to life.

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What happened to Dr Manette’s wife?

Dr. Manette is the father of Lucie and his wife passed away before he was let out of prison. He wore a piece of cloth around his neck which held a few pieces of golden hair from his wife, this was his only souvenir of her or his previous life.

How does Barsad try to trick the Defarges?

Name two ways Barsad tries to trick the Defarges into giving him information. –He compliments Madame Defarge on her knitting skills and then asks what her knitting is for. -He comments on the horrible treatment of the peasants.

What happens to the Tellson’s Paris branch?

Since Tellson’s Bank has both a Paris branch and the bank in London, some of these aristocrats, who have come to England, have transferred their funds to the London bank. … Because Tellson’s Bank has served these aristocrats in Paris, it extends courtesy to them in London.

What is revealed about the purpose of Mr lorry trip to Dover?

Lorry’s trip to Dover? What evidence is there that mr. Lorry is worried that a man has been buried for 18 years and who can no longer function in the world? The purpose of the trip is to dig someone out of a grave.

What reason does Darnay give Mr lorry for desiring to return to France?

What were the reasons for Darnay’s frequent trips to France? Darnay had family business, and he felt that he had to do something for his dead mother.

What message did Mr Lorry give Lucy?

Answer: In Chapter 4 of Book the First, Mr. Lorry must inform Lucy that the father she has believed dead is alive.

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