Your question: What was the new name for the Estates General in France?

What was the name of the Estates-General?

There were no specifically new names given to the Estates-General, per se. If you’re referring to the Third Estate’s breakaway faction, they were referred to as the National Convention, and after they were given power by King Louis XVI, they became known as the Legislative Assembly.

What was the Estates-General renamed Class 10?

The Estates General was elected by the body of active citizens and renamed the National Assembly 4.

What is the name for the common folk of France represented in the Estates-General?

The Estates-General (or States-General) of 1789 was the first meeting since 1614 of the general assembly representing the French estates of the realm: the clergy (First Estate), the nobles (Second Estate), and the common people (Third Estate).

What changes were introduced after the French Revolution in France?

A centralised administrative system was put in place and it formulated uniform laws for all citizens within its territory. Internal custom duties and dues were abolished and a uniform system of weights and measures was adopted. Equality and liberty were realised by the French people. Censorship was abolished.

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