Your question: Where did the French set up their headquarters?

Which was the first headquarters of French?

The first French factory in India was established at Surat in 1668 and later one at Machillipatnam.

Where did the French set up their trading Centres?

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The French set up their first factory in Surat, in the year 1668. The next year another factory was started in Masulipatnam. They gradually set up their establishments in Pondichery, Karikal, Yanaon, Mahe and Chandranagore.

Who gave Pondicherry to French?

François Martin (1634–31 December 1706) was the first Governor General of Pondicherry. In 1673, Sher Khan Lodi, the governor of Valokondapuranam under the sultan of Bijapur granted Francois martin, director of the Masulipatnam, a site for a settlement. He founded Pondicherry, the future capital of French India in 1674.

Where was the French East India Company headquarters?

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