Your question: Who does France go to war with in the French Revolution?

Who did the French Revolution go to war with?

After French King Louis XVI was tried and executed on January 21, 1793, war between France and monarchal nations Great Britain and Spain was inevitable. These two powers joined Austria and other European nations in the war against Revolutionary France that had already started in 1791.

Why did France go to war during the French Revolution?

Reactionaries and the monarchy in France desired war because they believed that the new government could be easily defeated by foreign powers, especially as the French Armies lacked organisation and discipline. This would pave a way for the old routine, with King Louis at the head of government.

Who were the French fighting in 1793?

The French Revolutionary Wars re-esclated as 1793 began. New powers entered the First Coalition days after the execution of King Louis XVI on 21 January. Spain and Portugal were among these. Then, on 1 February France declared war on Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Who won the French Revolutionary Wars?

France was the victor of both wars and hostilities temporarily ended with the Treaty of Amiens in 1802, by which Great Britain recognised the French Republic. George III followed the French Revolutionary wars with the same active interest that he had a decade and more earlier with the War of American Independence.

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Who started wars with Austria and France in order?

History of Western Civilization II

In the 1860s, Otto von Bismarck, then Minister President of Prussia, provoked three short, decisive wars against Denmark, Austria, and France, aligning the smaller German states behind Prussia in its defeat of France.

What wars did France fight in?

List of wars involving France

  • Frankish Kingdom, Carolingian Empire and West Francia.
  • Kingdom of France (987–1792)
  • First French Republic (1792–1804)
  • First French Empire (1804–1814,15)
  • Bourbon Restoration (1814-15, 1815–1830)
  • July Monarchy (1830–1848)
  • Second French Republic (1848–1852)

Is France involved in any conflicts?

Since 1945, France has engaged in several large wars (Indochina, Korea, Algeria, Suez, the First Gulf War, Afghanistan) and numerous small colonial conflicts and post-colonial interventions in African nations.