Your question: Why do French leave space before punctuation?

How does punctuation work in French?

In French, an extra space is inserted before some punctuation marks, like les deux-points (colons) and les points d’interrogation (question marks). Lastly, les virgules (commas) are used as decimals in French numbers, whereas les points (periods) are instead used to separate digits in large numbers.

Do French use full stops?

En anglais, the decimal point is written with un point (a period or full stop) and thousands are marked with une virgule (a comma), but in French thousands are marked with un point (or sometimes just a space) and une virgule is used for decimal points!

Do you put a space after a slash?

A. If the slash divides two words, there is no space. If it divides two phrases or sentences (or a single word from a phrase), it requires a space before and after.

Are you supposed to put two spaces between sentences?

The answer is one. Putting two spaces between sentences, as many people learned to do in school — and are still learning — thanks to early monospaced typewriters “is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong,” according to Slate’s technology columnist, Farhad Manjoo — and every major style guide.

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