Your question: Why is French Connection called French Connection?

What is the true story behind the French connection?

The real story behind “The French Connection”—the slightly fictionalized film account of the smashing of heroin‐smuggling ring—goes back to 1962. The leader of the ring was a tall, dapper Frenchman named Jean Jehan, who was known to his American connections (who could not pronounce his name) as “the Giant.”

Is French Connection 2 a true story?

Was it also based on a true story? Yes and no. There was, indeed, a (much less celebrated) sequel to the Oscar-winning action classic “The French Connection” (1971). However, it was a completely fictional continuation of the exploits of tough-guy cop Popeye Doyle.

Who bought French Connection?

Struggling fashion chain French Connection sold to consortium of investors in £29m deal after years of losses. French Connection has been sold to a consortium including its second-largest shareholder in a deal valuing the fashion chain at £29million.

What does picking your feet in Poughkeepsie mean?

The most sane and rational meaning is that the line is simple a confusion/interrogation tactic where someone utters accusatory nonsense like that to confuse the person they are interrogating so that when they ask a real question, their defenses will be down and they will utter “the truth” or confess to a crime.

Why is The French Connection good?

It featured a great early Gene Hackman performance that won an Academy Award, and it also won Oscars for best picture, direction, screenplay and editing. The movie is all surface, movement, violence and suspense.

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